Rocky Raccoon – The Beatles

The Beatles,THE BEATLES (White Album)

composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney ©1968 Northern Songs Ltd.

ある日 彼の恋人が他の男と一緒に駆け落ち
若いロッキーは打ちひしがれ こう言った

ビートルズが1968年にリリースしたアルバムTHE BEATLES (White Album)の13曲目。クレジットはLennon – McCartneyだが、実質的にはポール・マッカートニーの作品である。用意周到な彼にしては珍しく歌詞を固めないままレコーディングセッションに臨み、これまたこだわり屋の彼らしからぬことなのだが1日で最終テイクまで仕上げてしまった。

歌詞は西部劇っぽいイメージを狙った曲で、当初のタイトルはRocky Sassoonだったが、このSassoonをRaccoon(アライグマ)に置き換えて「実際にはありえない人物」をモチーフにした。ハーモニカはジョン・レノン、ピアノはジョージ・マーチン。

Paul McCartney (1968)
I was sitting on the roof in India with a guitar– John and I were sitting 'round playing guitar, and we were with Donovan. And we were just sitting around enjoying ourselves, and I started playing the chords of 'Rocky Raccoon,’ you know, just messing around. And, oh, originally it was Rocky Sassoon, and we just started making up the words, you know, the three of us– and started just to write them down. They came very quickly. And eventually I changed it from Sassoon to Raccoon, because it sounded more like a cowboy. So there it is. These kind of things– you can’t really talk about how they come 'cuz they just come into your head, you know. They really do. And it’s like John writing his books. There’s no… I don’t know how he does it, and he doesn’t know how he does it, but he just writes. I think people who actually do create and write… you tend to think, 'Oh, how did he do that,’ but it actually does flow… just flows from into their head, into their hand, and they write it down, you know. And that’s what happened with this. I don’t know anything about the Appalachian mountains or cowboys and indians or anything. But I just made it up, you know. And the doctor came in stinking of gin and proceeded to lie on the table. So, there you are.

Paul McCartney (1994)
I like talking-blues so I started off like that, then I did my tongue-in-cheek parody of a western and threw in some amusing lines. The bit I liked about it was him (Rocky) finding Gideon’s Bible and thinking, 'Some guy called Gideon must have left it for the next guy.’ I like the idea of Gideon being a character. You get the meaning, and at the same time get in a poke at it. All in good fun.

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HostApple iMac MC509J/A
ApplicationApple Logic Pro 9.1.7
Audio I/FRoland UA-55


Tr.1 :: Drums

  • KONTAKT 5 – Abbey Road 60s Drummer – Late 60 Kit
  • Chan EQ > Space Dsn > Limiter
  • スネア以外。スネアはブラシなので別音源・別トラック。


Tr.2 :: Brush

  • exs24 – Real ACO Drums – Brush Kit
  • Gain > Chan EQ > Space Dsn > Limiter
  • ブラシスネア


Tr.3 :: Guitar

  • Chan EQ > ADT
  • ベースの音をしっかり鳴らすのがポイント


Tr.4 :: Bass 1

  • Rickenbacker 4001 C64 (P.U.Select = rear)
  • Guitar Rig
  • 左チャンネルから聞こえる「ブイーン」って感じの音。ピック弾き。フルトーン。


Tr.5 :: Bass 2

  • FGN NCJB-10R (P.U. select = front + rear)
  • Guitar Rig
  • Tr.4とユニゾンになったり離れたり。指弾き。トーンゼロ。


Tr.6 :: Piano

  • exs24 – Steinway Grand Piano
  • Gain > ModDel > Chan EQ > PShift II > Compressor > Space Dsn
  • ホンキートンクの演奏は難しい。そして音作りも難しい。ちょっと苦手。原曲のテンポだとミスタッチだらけになるので録音は若干速度遅目で。


Tr.7 :: Accordion

  • KONTAKT 5 – Accordion
  • 後半に一瞬登場するパート


Tr.8 :: Harmonica

  • TOMBO Folk Young
  • Chan EQ > Space Dsn
  • 久しぶりのクロマチックハーモニカ



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