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Michelle – The Beatles

RUBBER SOUL, The Beatles

composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney ©1965 Northern Songs Ltd.



ビートルズが1965年にリリースしたアルバムRUBBER SOULの7曲目(LP盤ではA面の最後の曲)。ジョン・レノンとポール・マッカートニーの共作。

フランス語の歌詞作りにはジョンとポールが出会うきっかけを作った彼らの共通の友人アイヴァン・ヴォーンの妻・ジャンが貢献している。またミドルエイトの部分は元々歌詞がなくコーラスだけだったがジョンの提案で"I love you, I love you"と繰り返されることになった。


John Lennon (1966)
Paul has had this idea about writing a bit with some other language, with French in it. And he just sort of had a bit of a verse, and a couple of words, and the idea. I think he had some other name or something. He used to talk Double-Dutch French, you see, just to sing the bit. (imitates singing mock-French) He just brought it along and just sort of started fiddling around trying to get a middle-eight. We pinched a little bit from somewhere and stuck it in the middle-eight, and off we went.

John Lennon (1972)
Both of us. I wrote the middle with him.

Paul McCartney (1977)
'Michelle’ was like a joke French tune for when you go to a party or something. That’s all it was. And then after a while you say, 'Well, that’s quite a good tune. Let’s put some real words to it.’

John Lennon (1980)
He and I were staying somewhere and he walked in and hummed the first few bars, with the words, and he says, 'Where do I go from here?’ I had been listening to (blues singer) Nina Simone. I think it was 'I Put A Spell On You.’ There was a line in it that went, 'I love you, I love you.’ That’s what made me think of the middle-eight for 'Michelle.’ So, my contributions to Paul’s songs was always to add a little bluesy edge to them. Otherwise, 'Michelle’ is a straight ballad, right? He provided a lightness, an optimism, while I would always go for the sadness, the discords, the bluesy notes.
どこかに滞在中に彼が最初の部分を口ずさんだんだ。適当な言葉と一緒にね。そして「これからどうしたらいいだろう?」って。その時僕は(ブルース歌手の)ニーナ・シモンを聴いてた。たしか「アイ・プット・ア・スペル・オン・ユー」だったと思うんだけど。そこに出てきた"I love you, I love you"っていう節が「ミッシェル」のミドルエイトにいいんじゃないかって考えた。ポールの曲にちょっとブルースっぽい雰囲気を加えるのが僕の役目みたいなもんだったのさ。でも「ミッシェル」はストレートなバラードだよね。彼は明るさとか楽観を、僕は悲しさやブルージーな音を曲に仕込むんだ。

Paul McCartney (1988)
I’ll never forget putting the bass line in 'Michelle’ because it was a kind of Bizet thing. It really turned the song around. You could do that with bass. It was very exciting.

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