She Said She Said – The Beatles

REVOLVER,The Beatles

composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney ©1966 Northern Songs Ltd.


ビートルズが1966年にリリースしたアルバムREVOLVERの7曲目(LP盤ではA面のラストナンバー)。クレジットはLennon – McCartneyだが、実質的にはジョン・レノンの作品である。

ジョンはL.A.のピーター・フォンダの家に滞在していた時にピーターとLSDを服用してトリップして気を失ってしまう。この時ピーターはジョンの耳元で"I know what it’s like to be dead…"と囁き続け、それが歌詞の一節に用いられた。ピーターの家での出来事をヒントにしたのだからHe Saidとしてもいいのだが、HeではそれがピーターであるとわかってしまうのでこれをSheに変えた。


John Lennon (1968)
That was pure. You see, when I wrote that I had the 'She said she said,’ but it was just meaning nothing. It was just vaguely to do with someone who had said something like he knew what it was like to be dead, and then it was just a sound. And then I wanted a middle-eight. The beginning had been around for days and days and so I wrote the first thing that came into my head and it was 'When I was a boy,’ in a different beat, but it was real because it just happened.
「シー・セッド・シー・セッド」には別に何の意味もなかったんだ。ただ漠然と「死について知っている誰か」のことを書いてみただけさ。ミドルエイトが必要になって何日も何日も悩んでね。変拍子の"When I was a boy"ってのが頭に浮かんだんだ。たまたまさ。

John Lennon (1980)
That’s mine. It’s an interesting track. The guitars are great on it. That was written after an acid trip in L.A. during a break in the Beatles tour where we were having fun with the Byrds and lots of girls. Peter Fonda came in when we were on acid and he kept coming up to me and sitting next to me and whispering, 'I know what it’s like to be dead.’ He was describing an acid trip he’d been on. We didn’t 'want’ to hear about that. We were on an acid trip and the sun was shining and the girls were dancing, and the whole thing was beautiful and Sixties, and this guy– who I really didn’t know– he hadn’t made 'Easy Rider’ or anything… kept coming over, wearing shades, saying, 'I know what it’s like to be dead,’ and we kept leaving him because he was so boring! And I used it for the song, but I changed it to 'she’ instead of 'he.’ It was scary… I don’t want to know what it’s like to be dead!

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