Something – The Beatles

ABBEY ROAD,The Beatles

composed by George Harrison ©1969 Harrisongs Ltd.


ビートルズが1969年にリリースしたアルバムABBEY ROADの2曲目。ジョージ・ハリスンの作品。アルバムリリース後にビートルズ21枚目のシングル盤A面として発売された(B面は「カム・トゥゲザー」)。これはジョージにとって初めてのシングルA面だった。
曲そのものはアルバムTHE BEATLES (White Album)の製作中に原型ができていたが収録には間に合わず、その後のGET BACKのセッションでは雰囲気の悪い中で粗雑に扱われることを嫌って取り上げなかった。



「え? あなたが書いたんですか? レノン=マッカートニーだと思っていた」

John Lennon (1969)
I think that’s about the best track on the album, actually.

Paul McCartney (1969)
I like George’s song 'Something.’ For me I think it’s the best he’s written.

George Harrison (1969)
I wrote the song 'Something’ for the album before this one, but I never finished it off until just recently. I usually get the first few lines of words and music together, both at once… and then finish the rest of the melody. Then I have to write the words. It’s like another song I wrote when we were in India. I wrote the whole first verse and just said everything I wanted to say, and so now I need to write a couple more verses. I find that much more difficult. But John gave me a handy tip. He said, 'Once you start to write a song, try to finish it straight away while you’re still in the same mood.’ Sometimes you go back to it and you’re in a whole different state of mind. So now, I do try to finish them straight away.

I could never think of words for it. And also because there was a James Taylor song called 'Something In The Way She Moves’ which is the first line of that. And so then I thought of trying to change the words, but they were the words that came when I first wrote it, so in the end I just left it as that, and just called it Something. When I wrote it, I imagined somebody like Ray Charles doing it. That’s the feel I imagined, but because I’m not Ray Charles, you know, I’m sort of much more limited in what I can do, then it came out like this. It’s nice. It’s probably the nicest melody tune that I’ve written.

George Harrison (1980)
'Something’ was written on the piano while we were making the White Album. I had a break while Paul was doing some overdubbing so I went into an empty studio and began to write. That’s really all there is to it, except the middle took some time to sort out. It didn’t go on the White Album because we’d already finished all the tracks.

My Recording Data


HostApple iMac MC509J/A
ApplicationApple Logic Pro 10.0.6
Audio I/FRoland UA-55


Tr.1 :: Drums

  • KONTAKT 5 – Abbey Road 60s Drummer – Late 60 Kit
  • Chan EQ > Space D > Limiter
  • Come Togetherのセットを基本にOHをやや上げてタイトになり過ぎないように注意した。オーバーダビングされているシンバルロール、ハイハット、ハンドクラップもこのトラックに配置。


Tr.2 :: Bass

  • Rickenbacker 4001 C64 (front v10 t10 + rear v10 t10)
  • Guitar Rig > Multi Pressor > Channel EQ > Limiter
  • ビートルズ時代のポール・マッカートニー最高最上の演奏。心して弾いた。
  • Score / TAB


Tr.3 :: E.Guitar 1

  • Epiphone Elitist CASINO (rear v10 t10)
  • Guitar Rig > Rotor > Channel EQ > ADT
  • 全編鳴っているリズムギター。バースを重ねる毎にだんだん手数が増えてくる。


Tr.5 :: E.Guitar 2

  • Epiphone Elitist CASINO (rear v10 t10)
  • Guitar Rig > Rotor > Channel EQ > ADT
  • 部分的に入るアクセント。音色はTr.3とほぼ同じ。


Tr.6 :: E.Guitar 3

  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Rhythm v10 t4 Treble v10 t3)
  • Guitar Rig > Rotor > Channel EQ > MultiPressor > ADT
  • リードパート。Guitar RigでTwin Rev.のアンプセットの前にコンプ、オーバードライブ、コーラスを入れ、これにLogic付属のRotorプラグインをかまして再びコンプ。そして最後にADT…とかなり凝った音作り。悩ましい。


Tr.7 :: Organ

  • Vintage B3 (Logic)
  • Compressor > Channel EQ > Exciter > Phaser > Limiter


Tr.8 :: Strings

  • KONTAKT 5 – Strings Ensemble
  • Channel EQ


Tr.9 :: Piano

  • exs24 – Steinway Grand Piano
  • Channel EQ > Exciter > Space D



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